grand culture-history1st 2008 culture-history 2nd  Taiko Pose shave ice  My boys eating shave ice.
Oooo That Smell  This gentleman was kind enough to raise the lid and allow all of the smelly steam roll around when I asked. Thank you kind sir! : Pigs Feet Soup, Pig Feet Soup, Pigs Feet, Steam, Pot, Big Pot, Lid Off, Top Off, Okinawan Festival, Culture, Food, Cultural Food, Smelly, Stinky, Stench, Rolling, Rolling Steam, Okinawan Festival 2008 Ohana Delight  This family was enjoying their time together at the festival. Enjoying and savoring the taste of Okinawan Culture and the love of Ohana. : Family, Ohana, Okinawan Festival 2008, Okinawan Festival, Eating, Enjoyment, Love, Togetherness, Cultural, Tasting, Taste, Together ohana 2nd