Participate in the Festival!


Instructions and Tips
  • Create separate videos for each question

  • Answer in the allotted time. (hint: practice and memorize your answers)

  • When videotaping, please say “Question #__, pause, then say your statement, phrase or word.

  • Please name your videos with “Your Club Name and Q#” (e.g. Nago_Q1.mp4)

  • ​Find an interesting and fun-loving person in your club

  • It would be nice to have your Club President and/or officers, if available

  • The goal is to showcase your Club and why people should join!

  • If you need help in videotaping, please contact at 


Naming: Club-Name_Question#.mp4

Dimensions: 1980 x 1080p (aka. FullHD, 1080p)

File Type: MP4 Preferred

11 Founding Clubs (Select 1) 

1. How your club became one of the 11 founding clubs of HUOA? (15-30 Seconds)



2. Why your club started? (15-30 seconds)

3. A story from the early years of your club (15-30 seconds)

4. What was important to sustain for the next generation? (15-30 Seconds)

Videos From Clubs Who Did Not Make a Video of Club History or Generational Story in 2020, & Not One of the Founding Clubs

1. Share stories about members demonstrating outstanding Uchinanchu spirit and values. (15-30 Seconds)

2. Share stories about plantation camp life, owning a farm (pig, vegetable, etc.), or small business, being a picture bride, tanomoshi, etc. (15-30 Seconds)

3. Share stories about childhood memories attending club picnics, Shinnen Enkai, Okinawan Festival, etc. (15-30 Seconds)