Participate in the Festival!


Instructions and Tips
  • Create separate videos for each question

  • Answer in the allotted time. (hint: practice and memorize your answers)

  • When videotaping, please say “Question #__, pause, then say your statement, phrase or word.

  • Please name your videos with “Your Club Name and Q#” (e.g. Nago_Q1.mp4)

  • ​Find an interesting and fun-loving person in your club

  • It would be nice to have your Club President and/or officers, if available

  • The goal is to showcase your Club and why people should join!

  • If you need help in videotaping, please contact at 


Length: 2-3 Minutes Max

Naming: Club-Name_Question#.mp4

Dimensions: 1980 x 1080p (aka. FullHD, 1080p)

File Type: MP4 Preferred

Questions to Answer

1. What is your favorite Okinawan Song? - Have your family sing it or play Sanshin! (10 Seconds)



2. Pick a word in Uchinaaguchi and tell us what it means to you! (10 seconds)

3. What do you look forward to most once clubs start to meet again? (10 seconds)

4. Who and What inspired you to be part of your organization? (10 Seconds)

5. What do you most look forward to for 2022 Uchinanchu Taikai? (10 Seconds)

6. Where is your favorite place in Okinawa or your hometown? (10 Seconds)

7. Was there something that your club did during the pandemic? How did you stay connected? (10 Seconds)

8. Video of one of your members saying "haisai/haitai and aloha and we're from club _______" and then 10-20 seconds of you doing shakas (this is for KHON). (10-20 Seconds)

Here is the song we used last year!

9. We would LOVE your Kachaashii videos! (10-20 Seconds)

Here is the song we used last year!

Sample Video