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One World. One Celebration.

Join our Global Kachashii!

Music and dance have always been some of the biggest unifying factors for our Uchinanchu culture. Join us, as we seek to create a global kachashii showcasing all Uchinanchus dancing from all over the world! Together we can show the world that our culture will survive and thrive through any hardship!

2020 Example
Instructions and Tips

  • Please start the video with your name/club and country!

  • You can use any song but we use this song​:

  • Grandparents, Kids, Parents, Dogs, Cats, all are welcome!​


00:00 / 04:36

Length: 10-20 seconds

Dimensions: 1980 x 1080p (aka. FullHD, 1080p)

File Type: MP4 Preferred

Naming Your  File

Please try to name your file using the standard below:





Submit Your Video!

*By participating, all videos submitted to and received by HUOA shall become the property of HUOA. Participants fully understand that receipt of any video by HUOA grants HUOA exclusive rights and privileges to use their names, photographs, video, audio, and likenesses in connection with any or all HUOA activities or events. Participants waive any claims to royalty, rights, or remuneration for such use.