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Participate in the Festival!


Instructions and Tips
  • Create separate videos for each question

  • Answer in the allotted time. (hint: practice and memorize your answers)

  • When videotaping, please say “Question #__, pause, then say your statement, phrase or word.

  • Please name your videos with “Your Club Name and Q#” (e.g. Nago_Q1.mp4)

  • ​Find a lively speaker and fun-loving person in your club

  • It would be nice to have your Club President and/or officers, if available

  • The goal is to showcase your Club and why people should join!

  • If you need help in videotaping, please contact Brianne Yamada at 

Questions to Answer

1. Provide a brief history of your club (2-3 minutes)

a. Name of your club

b. Your name and (club officer/member)

c. When was the club founded?

d. How many members do you have?

2. Please share the events for your club (2-3 minutes)

a. Festivals

b. Bon Dance

c. Boat Race

d. Picnic

3. What is your favorite picnic game? Please describe the game. (2-3 Seconds/2-3 Words)

4. For the 120th Anniversary Theme (30 Seconds)

a. What generation are you?

b. Do you have a story about your club's first generation?


5. What is unique about your club? That is, what are you known for? (2-3 Seconds/2-3 Words) (examples: Sports Champions, Fashion Show, Scholarship Fundraisers for Students Harii Boat Race)


6. What is your favorite part of the Okinawan Festival? (2-3 Seconds/2-3 Words)


7. What is your favorite Okinawan Festival Food? (2-3 Seconds/2-3 Words)

Sample Video



Length: 4-6 Minutes Max

Naming: Club-Name_Question#.mp4

Dimensions: 1980 x 1080p (aka. FullHD, 1080p)

File Type: MP4 Preferred

Click the button below and upload your video file. Make sure to watch it before submitting to make sure everything is what you envision! We will handle it from here :)

*If your file is over 20GB please provide a download link and email it to us at

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