The Hawaii United Okinawa Association Encourages documentation of the Okinawan Festival by sponsoring an annual photo contest.  Our goal is to gather and archive photos from the Festival to preserve the rich history of Okinawan culture in Hawaii.

A total of three prizes were awarded: a winner for each them (Culture, Ohana) and a Grand Prize winner for the best overall photo.  Images are also posted online at  A big mahalo to all of the photographers who submitted entries for this year’s photo contest.


2019 GRAND PRIZE  | $100  "Sharing Uchinanchu Aloha"

Photographer’s Name: Collette Arakawa

Name of Photo: My Uncle and Me 

Photo Description: Aiden and Uncle Eric on their way to the Bon Dance.

2019 THEME WINNER  | $50  "Ohana"

Photographer’s Name: Cora Hiranaka

Name of Photo: Hajichi Tattoos

Photo Description: Friends excited about sharing what Okinawan tattoos on the back of the hands look like.

2019 THEME WINNER  | $50  "Culture"

Photographer’s Name: Stan Sakai

Name of Photo: Sensei Allison and her three young students

Photo Description: Okinawan culture is perpetuated through dance, song, and other traditions.


2018 GRAND PRIZE  | $150  "Sharing Uchinanchu Aloha"

Photographer’s Name: Warren Au 

Name of Photo: Exciting Eisa Energy! 

Photo Description: Eisa performer from Chatan.

2018 THEME WINNER  | $50  "Ohana"

Photographer’s Name: Stan Sakai

Name of Photo: Friends

Photo Description: Young friends.

2018 THEME WINNER  | $50  "Culture"

Photographer’s Name: Chad Gibo

Name of Photo: Kakegoe “Ha iya sasa!”

Photo Description: Hawaii’s largest indoor bon dance invites many cultures to celebrate Okinawan tradition

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