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Exhibition Hall Booths

(1st Floor)

1st Floor
OkiFest 22 1ST Floor Map.jpg

Main Stage

Watch your favorite local performing arts groups and other special guests displaying how they continue to perpetuate and share "Uchinanchu Aloha" throughout the State of Hawaii

Food Booths

Eat your favorite Okinawan festival food and get a taste of some Okinawan delicacies.

Keiki Korner

Fun for the whole family, there will be games for children of all ages. Kids can play at the robotics booth, visit the coloring station, and there will also be an area for our youngest keiki with stroller parking.

Machiya-Gwa (Country Store)

Purchase your HUOA Eco bag and fill them with fresh, locally grown vegetables, fruits and other delicious treats to eat! Enjoy treats from small local businesses, many of which are Uchinanchu-owned.

New vendors/Items this year:

  • Andamiso: Handmade with love  by HUOA volunteers

  • *Aloha Tofu: Jimani Tofu & Yushi Dofu

  • Ala Moana Produce: Bittermelon, Daikon, Okinawan Sweet Potato, Hyotan, & Young Ginger 

  • Aloun Farms: Ewa sweet corn, kabocha, Thai watermelon, honeydew melon, assorted produce.

  • Asato Family Sherbert: Assorted Frozen Sherbert

  • *Chibi Confectionery: Assorted Cookies and Mini Flavored Glazed Cookies 

  • Cream & Sugar: Assorted cookies (taro, buttermacnut, almond), taro rolls, guava rolls, baked mochi (butter, peanut butter, and Nutella)

  • Hawaiian Pie Company: baked mini pies (caramel apple and Hawaiian passion pear), Kahlua cake & rum cake combo packs)

  • Huff 'n Puff: Assorted Flavored Okoshi 

  • *Ige's Halawa: Maki Sushi and Assorted Baked Goods

  • Ige's Lunchwagon: Maki sushi

  • *Ige’s Mapunapuna/Masa's: Maki sushi

  • Kansai Yamato: Assorted Flavored Mochi 

  • *Kilani Bakery: Brownies, sweet potato and azuki turnovers

  • KYM Bento: Maki Sushi & Sanbaizuke

  • Mari’s Garden: Aquaponically grown Manoa lettuce, Okinawan spinach, micro greens, seasonings.

  • Molokai Hot Bread: Assorted cream filled breads (strawberry & cream cheese, cinnamon & cream cheese, ube cheesecake, matcha & cream cheese)

  • Nisshodo: Baked manju (white/black)

  • Ono Kettle Pop: Colored kettle corn, Ono hurricane and Chicago mix (cheddar/ caramel)

  • Pipeline Bakery: CAKE BOMBS! (Lemon,strawberry-guava and matcha)

  • Plantation Ice Tea: Aunty Jane's favorite plantation ice tea

  • Sumi's Sunflower Creations: Ice Tea Re-usable Logo Cup Designers

  • Past Festival T-Shirts and much more!

*FEASTival participant - From 9/5 to 9/19 Okinawan FEASTival celebrates Okinawan-owned restaurants and food businesses. Participating restaurants will have Okinawan inspired dishes or deals that will only be available during FEASTival!  

Hanagi Machi Gwa (Plants)

Browse a wide selection of potted plants and flowers that will be available for purchase. They say gardening helps with longevity so find the perfect addition to your houseplant collection and outdoor garden.

We take extra care in packaging your plant purchases so you can transport them home. And, as a complimentary service, we will hold your plants for the day so you can enjoy the Festival hands-free!

Health and Wellness

There will be multiple booths featuring health and wellness information where festival goers can get their blood pressure checked, pick up a free COVID test kit, learn more about Blue Zones and the secrets to Okinawan longevity. Also featuring Mana-Su, a healthy fermented liquid vinegar which Okinawans consume daily as part of their daily wellness

The Mura (Village)

(3rd Floor)

3rd Floor

Explore various booths and learn more about the Okinawan culture along with businesses that support the Okinawan community here in the state of Hawaii. 

OkiFest 22 3RD Floor Map.jpg

Heiwa Dori

Room 311

Experience Hawai‘i’s version of Okinawa’s famous Heiwa Dori in Naha. Specialty foods from Okinawa will be on sale, such as konbu (dried kelp), Okinawa soba noodles, andagi mix, shïkwasa (Okinawan lemon-lime) juice, kokuto (black sugar candy) and more.

We are HUOA / HUOA Store

Room 312

The “We are HUOA” room is designed to provide information and promote the activities and programs of the HUOA, and other groups.


This year, it will feature:

  • HUOA Clubs poster display

  • Ryukyukoku Matsuri Daiko

  • Ryukyu Koten Afuso Ryu Ongaku Kenkyuu Choichi Kai Hawaii

  • Tamagusuku Ryu Senju Kai - Frances Nakachi Ryubu Dojo

  • Azama Honryu Allison Yanagi Ryukyu Dance Studio & Nomura Ryu Dento Ongaku Kyokai Hawaii Shibu

  • Hawaii Okinawa Student Exchange Program

  • Center for Okinawan Studies (UH Manoa)

Select HUOA merchandise will be available for sale, including Uchinanchu Annual books. We’ll also have the limited edition Okinawan word shirts (proceeds to benefit the student exchange program), our jerseys, hats, and shirts in collaboration with In4mation, books, and more!

Craft Gallery

Room 313 A, B & C

Browse through the wide array of original arts and crafts by local vendors and crafters. Support local businesses! Participating this year:​

  • 58 Designs LLC

  • Barbara Davis

  • Beads & Things by Kori

  • Brigitte Kawakami

  • Cane Haul Road

  • Carol Y Sakai Designs

  • CAS Crafts and Collectibles

  • Clint

  • Decowoods

  • Design Club

  • E.L. Woodworks

  • Ed Higa

  • Emi Ink

  • Eriko Paquin

  • It's About Time

  • Janimals

  • JEN-E

  • June Tsukamoto

  • Kawaii Hawaii, Inc.

  • Kawaii Mono

  • Kissy

  • Kwansuk Wong

  • Lani;s Place

  • Little Craft Shack

  • Majun Okinawa - Hawaii

  • METO

  • Miyako and Co.

  • One by One Enterprises

  • Side Order Pillows

  • Sumofish

  • UNIK Gifts and Things

  • Yeung's Arts & Crafts

Bunkwa Nu Shima (Masks Required)

Room 315

The Bunkwa nu Shima room will feature a variety of displays and activities highlighting Okinawan culture, shimakutuba (Okinawan language), and kimono dressing, and professional picture taking (available for an additional fee).

This year’s special exhibit features the art of the lion dog dance, shishimai. Also, learn how and why the Okinawan Shiisaa is a Ryukuyan cultural icon, where did it originate, why are they in pairs, view pictorial displays and earthenware. Shiisaa docents will guide you.

Masks are required upon entry for all volunteers and guests for the Bunkwa Nu Shima. Disposable masks will be available upon request. Due to the close contact nature of Bunkwa Nu Shima, please be considerate of the health and safety of others. We reserve the right to refuse service.

**Do not enter if you are sick, under the weather, symptomatic of any disease, have tested positive for, or have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for Covid. Do not enter if you have flu-like symptoms including fever, chills, achiness, swelling of lymph nodes, bumps, or rash. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. 

Okinawa Genealogical Society Of Hawaii

Room 317A

Find your roots! Our database contains 19,000 records and covers Okinawan immigrant information from 1900-1925. Representatives from the Okinawan Prefectural Library (OPL) are able to tap into their vast records to find relatives in Okinawa. Come browse and buy our “Short Story Books” filled with stories of our Issei, Nisei and Sansei life experiences in both Hawaii and Okinawa. We also have a “Beginner’s Guidebook” so you can start your own genealogy research.

Nisei Room

Room 317B

View exhibits on the Battle of Okinawa and learn about the Nisei Veterans Legacy and Nisei Veterans Memorial Center.

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