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Hawaii United Okinawa Association's Mission

The Hawaii United Okinawa Association (HUOA) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to promote, perpetuate, and preserve the Okinawan culture here in Hawaii. 


It is a huge part of the Hawaii Okinawan community and allows its members to learn about the culture through various educators and practitioners, a central meeting place to share experiences, and a way to connect with Okinawan government, organizations, and its people.  Running an active organization and a meeting place like the Hawaii Okinawa Center comes with a significant expense.


Your donation helps us in our mission to promote, perpetuate, and preserve the Okinawan culture in Hawaii

Where Does My Donation Go?

Your donations helps to support ongoing programs like Sanshin, taiko, Uchinaaguchi, Ichigo Ichie, and Ikebana classes, Children’s Cultural Day Camp, international student exchanges, visits by Okinawa prefectural and municipal government officials,  and Okinawan music, dance, and theatrical presentations.  


Your gift will also help to preserve the Hawaii Okinawa Center (HOC) and its multi-purpose ballroom/theatre, cultural gallery, resource center, and Okinawan-style gardens that are open to the public.  Help us to share Okinawan culture and our facilities with all people by including us in your annual charitable gifting.

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