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Festival Games List

(1st Floor)

Robotics Booth

The robotics booth will be featuring the First Tech Challenge (FTC) team from Assets Schools Hawaii. 

The Assets Robotics Booth will be bringing a robotic carnival-style game they created, with a twist of Okinawan culture. The goal is to control a robot to launch foam rings into a Shisa's mouth.

We will also be bringing our FIRST Tech Challenge competition robots for you to tinker with if interested.

Students of Assets Robotics will also provide more information about Robotics and FIRST to teach the community more about STEM.

Soda Ring Toss 

4 Scrips
Screen Shot 2022-08-01 at 10.07.48 PM.png

Throw a ring around the soda and you'll get to take home a soda

Yo Yo Tsuri

3 Scrips

A traditional Japanese game using a string attached to a hook to fish the water yo-yo out of the water. You'll win the yo-yo if you're able to get it out without breaking the string

Go Fish!

2 Scrips

Try your luck at fishing and get a surprise


2 Scrips

 Drop your disc down the plinko board. To win, you must hit the marked square

Andagi Toss

2 Scrips

Toss the "andagi" into the shisa's mouth

Ball Drop

2 Scrips

Drop the ball in the box and see if you can get it in the colored square

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