• 32nd Okinawan Festival
  • Okinawan Entertainment and PerformancesDance, Eisa, Music, Bon Dance, Food, Heiwa Dori, Country Store, Games, and More!
  • Yara no Ayagu
  • Yoshida FamilyNankuru Sanshin
  • Okinawan FoodAndagi, Champuru, Okinawan Soba, Pigs Feet Soup, Nishime, Andadog, and more!
  • Bon DanceSaturday evening only.
  • Culture
  • LearnAt the Okinawan Cultural Tent
  • EisaTraditional and Contemporary Styles
  • Taiko Drumming
  • Karate Demonstration
  • Okinawan Dance
  • ShisaOkinawan Lion
  • Family of Shisas
  • Chondaras
  • Traditional
  • Entertainers from Okinawa
  • Yara no Eisafrom Kadena Town, Okinawa
  • Banjo Ai & Jim Rock
  • Okinawan Soba!
  • Ohana
32nd Okinawan Festival1 Okinawan Entertainment and Performances2 Johnny Ginowan and Wale Wale3 Lucy4 Okinawan Food5 Bon Dance6 Culture7 Learn8 Eisa9 Taiko Drumming10 Karate Demonstration11 Okinawan Dance12 Shisa13 Family of Shisas14 Chondaras15 Traditional16 Entertainers from Okinawa17 Senbaru Eisa18 Hui O Leilani Group19 Okinawan Soba!20 Ohana21
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Festival Updates:

6/19/14 - Okinawan Festival T-Shirt Designs are here!  Check them out below. **some designs are not available until Festival**

8/1/2014 - Okinawan Festival Entertainment page updated!! Check Out The Details on HUOA First Ever Scavenger Hunt.

8/1/2014 - Parking Alert!! Get the 411 on the new Kapiolani Parking lot.  Just click on the Getting There Tab.

8/1/2014 - Hungry?  Find out whats on the menu by clicking on the Food and Booths Tab.

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