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Festival Food

(1st Floor)

Enjoy Okinawan favorite dishes!  All booths will accept SCRIPS ONLY!
Please purchase scrips from scrip booths.
1 scrip = $1.00

All food item prices are subject to change.

Select food booths will be open during Bon Dance on Saturday evening. 
On behalf of the Hawaii United Okinawa Association, thank you for your support!


An assortment of drinks will be sold at each booth and are subject to change based on availability

Bottled Soda (20 oz) (3 scrips)

Bottled Water (16 oz) (2 scrips)

Green Tea (2 scrips)

Available during Bon Dance.


Open during festival & Bon Dance

Andagi (4 scrips)

Okinawan deep-fried doughnut served hot and fresh - a local favorite. 3 pieces per order. (3/bag; 1 doz for $16)

Coffee (2 scrips)

Iced Canned Coffee (2 scrips)


Open during festival & bon dance

Andadog (3 scrips)

The Okinawan version of the corndog - a hot dog on a stick that is dipped in andagi batter and deep fried


Champuru plate (7 scrips)

If you love Okinawan food, you will love this plate! Sliced vegetables, luncheon meat, and stir-fried champuru-style and served with white rice, shoyu pork, and andamisu (a miso sauce cooked with finely chopped pork) 

Vegetarian Option (6 scrips)

Steamed Okinawan Sweet Potato
(6 scrips)

Okidog & Chili

Okidog (10 scrips)

A hotdog covered with chili and wrapped in a soft tortilla with shredded shoyu pork and lettuce. So delicious 

Chili Frank Plate (8 scrips)

Chili and white rice plate served with a hot dog

Chili & Rice (6 scrips)

Chili and white rice in a bowl 

Okinawa Soba

Open during festival & bon dance

Okinawa Soba (10 scrips)

Okinawan-style soba noodles served in hot soup and garnished with kamaboko (fishcake), shoyu pork, green onions and red ginger.

Pigs Feet Soup

Pig's Feet Soup (14 scrips)

Pig's feet cooked in soup stock and garnished with kombu (dried kelp),

daikon (turnip), togan (squash), and mustardd cabbage. Served with hot rice

Yaki Soba

Yaki Soba (7 scrips) 

Okinawan-style soba noodles stir-fried with vegetables and luncheon meat, and seasoned with a chef's sauce 


Yakitori Stick (2 scrips)

Chicken skewers grilled to perfection with teriyaki sauce

Yakitori Bento (6 scrips)

Two (2) Chicken skewers with rice and furikake

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