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2023 Okinawan Festival

Available for purchase in the T-shirt booth

T-shirt Designs

2023 Okinawan Festival Theme

The Dragon Pillars fronting Shuri Castle are featured in this year's design. 

41st Okinawan Festival Theme - By Gordon Uehara.png

Alohi Akatsichi
By Gordon Uehara

Features the banners of the 50 member clubs that make up the Hawaii United Okinawa Association. When Okinawans first came to Hawaii, they formed clubs based on the city/town/village in Okinawa they came from. Over a hundred years later, descendants of that first generation continue to gather, support each other, and celebrate their Okinawan heritage.

Shows President Clarisse Kobashigawa’s theme for 2023: Alohi Akatsichi, Vibrant New Beginnings.

Design by:
Kenneth Kawaguchi & Bruce Chong

Alohi Akatsichi - BACK.png
Alohi Akatsichi - FRONT.png

Andagi Series

This year, the theme of this popular series is: ANDAGI LINE! 

Double Dragon

The Dragon Pillars fronting Shuri Castle are featured in this design. The pillars survived the 2019 Shurijo fire with some damages (that were repaired). Looking forward to when we can see Shurijo restored!

All designs will be available in the following styles:
Adult t-shirt
Ladies' t-shirt
Adult tank top
Youth t-shirt

​Sizes and colors subject to availability.
$20 for adults (all styles, including tanks)
$15 for youth

Scrip, no credit cards.
(Credit cards can be used to purchase scrip at the Scrip Booths)
Shirt Designs
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